1. Do you add any sugar or milk powder?

No. Our coffee is 100% Arabica, with no additives.

2. Why do the coffee cups need to be packaged individually?

Saturnbird's coffee cups are individually packaged to better preserve the coffee's flavor and moisture-proof effect.
The coffee powder is obtained by low-temperature extraction with freeze-dried technology, which makes it easy to get damped.
At the same time, the single-serve packaging is more convenient to carry and makes it easy to distinguish different flavors and baking degrees.

3. Which number makes the best lattes?

We find that #5 and #6 work best for lattes. The darker roasts taste better with milk and add a hint of chocolate flavor that is delicious.

4.Can it be used in a capsule machine?

No, this is an instant coffee, made with a proprietary process that maintains great flavor.

5.What do the numbers mean?

The numbers tell the roasting level. #1 is the lightest roast and #6 is the darkest roast. We also have a #0, which has a variety of different types—as indicated on the #0 pods.