Our Story

Saturnbird was originally founded as a coffee shop that has been eminent in the industry for over 8 years.

In 2015, Saturnbird began to officially release coffee products. Started with Pour Over Set 1.0, a set that includes hanging drip coffee, pour over pot, filter cup, and other coffee appliances, so that beginners can quickly get started to explore.

All align with Saturnbird’s Vision in its early days, which is “Popularization of Specialty Coffee"

In 2016, Saturnbird created its very first coffee bag. It comes with a nice name, it’s called “Morning Call”

Enjoying the “Morning Call” is as easy as placing the coffee bag in a cup of water (or milk), and cool them overnight. Voila, your fresh cold brew coffee (or latte) is ready for you the next morning!

In May 2018, Saturnbird officially launched its premium super instant coffee.

Unlike any other instant coffee, Saturnbird uses the Super Extraction™ technology to bring the best out of coffee flavor.

Not only it retains the flavor and taste of freshly grounded coffee, it can be enjoyed on iced water too! It dissolves quickly, and very convenient to carry and brew.

The cups are numbers & colors-coded to represent different baking degrees and flavors. It's that easy.

In 2019, Saturnbird released a recycling project in China. Customers can recycle their empty cups and exchange them with new coffee or souvenirs.

In 2020, Saturnbirds’ Original Design of the Instant Coffee Cups won the Reddot Award 2020.

In 2020, Saturnbird set up an office in the Metropolis of Shanghai that comes with an offline Experience Store to connect with more cities.

As of Nov 2021, Saturnbird’s 30,000 square meters “Mega Factory” has sold over 300 million cups.

Saturnbird’s Super Extraction™ is an industry-leading technology that can achieve the full-chain of production from roast, extract, and freeze-drying process. All the industrial equipments were independently researched and developed.

Focusing on specialty coffee, while at the same time extending coffee-related products, Saturnbird continues to explore more out of the coffee world.

Rich & diversified products provide coffee lovers with a whole new experience.

Perfect supply chain development management system also plays an important role to ensure the continuous innovation.